In Chile, three teenagers commit suicide every week because of CiberBullying.

One of the most memorable cases is Katy Summer's, a talented 16 year old girl who took her own life because of this.

"Many things can happen, many things you can say or think, but never say goodbye"

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"I Don't want to say Goodbye" is Katy Summer's last song. It was created with audio and video files of her whole life. We invite you to share her video so the #GoodByeCiberBullying message spreads all over the country.

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Choose to overcome

Risk factors

  • Hopelessness.
  • Loneliness and lack of social support.
  • Troubled relationships, break ups or losses.
  • Discrimination.
  • Trauma because of abuse.
  • Stigma of seeking help.
  • Barriers to access health assistance.

How to prevent

  • Strong bonds can reduce risk of suicide.
  • Listen sensitively, don't interrupt and be understanding .
  • Don't judge the person or try to impose your opinion.
  • Take any sign of depression, comment or death wish seriously.

If you witness bullying always report it to an adult, a family member or your school counselor.
Stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution today!

Health S.O.S. 600 360 7777

How was Katy Summer's last song created?

Artificial intelligence+heart

As part of the process to create the song Machine Learning was used which is a scientific discipline in the field of 'Artificial intelligence'.

The sistem used in this case has the ability to take audio and video files transcribe them into texts. This can capture how many times a special word has been said, the exact second when the word was said and also how long the word lasts and even it can identify punctuation and question marks.

More than 800 files, one message.